The band

        Amigo Vibes takes pride in offering a diverse musical experience. Our repertoire spans the spectrum, from soulful covers that evoke nostalgia to original compositions that tell our own stories. Whether you seek the comfort of the classics or the thrill of something new, our music is a reflection of the varied tastes that define your unique preferences.


Jan Dominic Barredo

Founder and Manager of Amigo Vibes

        It all started with a sudden eventuality that brought a group of young men together. They were all friends, but it wasn’t until that fateful day that they decided to start a music band. It was during an awarding ceremony Mr. Jan Dominic Barredo was the guest speaker of the said event. Right after the talked of Mr. Barredo the two performers were Justine and Spencer amazed the crowd by their performance. And that very moment Mr. Barredo have thought that these two performers have the talent and potential to a bigger stage. From that very moment Mr. Barredo invited them and encourage them to accept the offer to become first a busker where they performed at the Malls for exposure. Mr. Barredo Named them JJ’s Band it was just the three of them J- (Jan) J (Justine) S (Spencer) JJS BAND. After almost a year as an acoustic band they have built confidence and trust to themselves and gained a lot of opportunities and offers such as corporate events, Debut, Birthdays, wedding and more. Moreover, they have enjoyed and craving for more thats the reason why Mr. Barredo have decided to make a Full Band and rename it as Amigo Vibed where elzer and Kenn whose school mate of Justine who are also into music shann was a cousin of Justine who also Wants to join the Band. After a thorough of decisions Mr. Barredo Have finally decided to make it full Band and now Amigo Vibes and that very moment.

        They grabbed their instruments and started jamming in their music room, playing covers of their favorite songs. As they played, they realized they had something special. Their music flowed effortlessly, each note complementing the other. They were in sync, creating a sound that was uniquely their own. They decided then and there to form a band. They spent hours practicing and perfecting their craft, pouring their hearts and souls into their music. They played at local bars and clubs, gaining a small but dedicated following. Word of their talent spread quickly, and soon they were booked for bigger gigs and festivals. Their music resonated with people, touching hearts and inspiring others. Through the ups and downs, the late-night rehearsals, and the long road trips, they stuck together. They were more than just a band – they were brothers, united by their love for music and their shared dream of making it big. And as they stood on stage, basking in the cheers and applause of their fans, they knew that they had found their calling. They were no longer just a group of friends – they were a music band, destined for greatness